Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy

Combining academic excellence with athletic success

History & Mission

Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy is a private, independent school that provides a quality academic program for student-athletes competing in winter sports at the elite level. It is our belief that each student be treated as a unique individual, fostering academic excellence, athletic commitment, independence, responsibility, respect and confidence. The ambition of the Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy is to provide the support and direction necessary for each young person to achieve his/her personal potential, goals and dreams.


Students visit Montreal’s Biodome in 1993, MMWA’s first year.

We began in 1993, as an option for elite ski racers to expand their on-snow training while continuing their academic studies. After years of leasing space, a former lodge was purchased in 2005 to permanently house students and classes. In operation for the five winter months, we give young athletes and their parents a viable option to full-year programs. Students may live at home the greater portion of the year, attend their local school and compete on an equal level with other elite winter athletes while maintaining a high standard of education. Our students receive academic awards and regularly participate in other sports and arts activities at the schools in their home communities.

Once in Stowe for the winter months, the student immediately becomes a member of our tight-knit, supportive community. A community of mutual respect and support is important to us. We encourage strong ties between our students, staff and coaches. This strong foundation allows our students to test themselves in the class, on snow and beyond. We believe the foundation established at MMWA will set our students on a path to personal success.

class of 14

MMWA class of 2014


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