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Support MMWA

 Our success at the Academy is large part thanks to the support and efforts of our dedicated community members. We owe our existence to the countless parents, students, alumni and friends have joined together to offer their time and support to MMWA over the years. We are always looking for new people to become involved in supporting the Academy, your efforts truly make a difference in shaping our close-knit community.

“We have created something terrific here at the Academy and with your help, which comes in many, many forms, we are building on that.”      

–Biddle Duke, Former MMWA Parent and Boardmember

Why Support MMWA?

Did you know that tuition does not cover the actual cost of the Academy experience? Often people are unaware that tuition, fees, and room and board provide only a portion of our operating revenue. To make up the difference we rely on our Annual Fund and various fundraising projects. These dollars help us to improve our facilities and invest in valuable programs upgrades.

We understand that families with students at MMWA are already incurring significant expense to afford their child this experience, and recognize that not all families may be able to make large donations. Donations of any amount are truly appreciated. The number of people who support us financially is a significant measure of the strength of our community. Participation at any level is vital to our ongoing success and we hope that all past and present families, students and friends will join in supporting us. Strong levels of participation are proof to charitable foundations of a community vote-of-confidence and may enable us to secure grants in the future. Fortunately, there are also other ways to show your support besides a financial donation.

Volunteering at MMWA

Why do you ask for volunteers?
Like most non-profits, we’re a lean organization, and we try to keep costs down for our students. We’ve always been fortunate to receive support from parents, friends and community members with projects that help us save time and labor costs. We also think that volunteering is a terrific (and fun!) way to build relationships and keep those community connections strong and growing.

What can I do?
Depending upon your interests and skills, we can almost always find something worth doing. The tasks vary year to year and there’s a real range of what’s needed. From outdoor, yard work type projects to helping organize and run our events there’s truly something for everybody and every volunteer hour is deeply appreciated.

Further questions?

For more information, contact us (802.253.7409) for details about this year’s volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.

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