Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy

Combining academic excellence with athletic success


We understand the significant expense involved in enrolling a student in the MMWA and MMSC programs. Scholarships are available based upon financial need and merit. Please contact MMWA for further details and application information.

Merit Scholarships Awarded by MMWA:

Director’s Award – Presented to a student who stands out in an individual way, has overcome a variety of challenges and persevered to become a successful student. The honoree best represents the philosophy of MMWA.

The Ray Field Scholarship – This scholarship was established to recognize a student who exhibits some of the traits that Ray’s friends and family felt defined him. Ray was an avid skier, photographer, gardener, devoted father and grandfather and dedicated fan. This scholarship in the amount of $500 will be presented yearly to that student who displays an extraordinary commitment to the sport of ski racing, pursues an outside interest with equal passion and has a financial need.

Woody Knight – Three scholarships will be awarded to deserving student-athletes based upon criteria developed by Bonnie Knight and members of the Academy and Ski Club staff. This scholarship is supported by the Knight Family and the proceeds from the annual Mansfield Trail Run race in October. These qualities best represent the manner in which Woody lived his life and the respect he carried for individuals dedicated to both academics and athletics. The following criteria will be considered in awarding these scholarships:

-Must be attending MMWA
-Must be competing at the U18/U21 level
-Display a passion not only for ski racing but a love of the sport of skiing and its environs
-Must be a committed and diligent student
-A well-rounded individual with interests and pursuits outside of ski racing
-Shows integrity, tenacity and a quick wit

Wendy Nourjian – Presented to the student-athlete who best represents Wendy’s qualities of adventure, individuality, concern for others and love of life.

Peter’s Presents – Two scholarships were created by Peter’s wife, Jan, as a present for his 50th birthday. The scholarships reflect the traits that define Peter and endear him to his friends and family. The following criteria will be used to choose the recipients of these awards:

-Passion for skiing and enjoyment of sports
-Good work ethic, perseverance and honesty
-Commitment to academics
-Love of conversation

George Tormey – Presented to the student-athlete who in a simple manner goes about pursuing his/her goals and dreams and demonstrates a signature smile, a strong work ethic and dedication to his/her sport.

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