Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy

Combining academic excellence with athletic success

Session Dates


2017 – 2018

Session One (November 5 to March 30)

Boarding Student: $22,400

Day Student: $16,725

This session is open to all athletes in 7th** – 12th grade.  This session is designed to begin a week before our Fall Training Camp in Vail, Colorado to give students time to adjust to their academics at MMWA. The trip includes structured academic time and support, and this time frame will allow for physical testing, equipment evaluation, and goal setting sessions with the MMSC coaching staff prior to departure.

Session Two  (January 2 to March 30)

Boarding Student: $15,070

Day Student: $11,225

This session is available to 7th** and 8th  grade students (U14 ONLY).  It allows younger students to see if they are prepared for the rigors and commitment needed both athletically and academically.  The maturity level of students this age should be considered for students planning to board at the Academy.  For those who wish, host family settings may be available.

**7th grade students must compete as U14 athletes, pre-approval to reside in the dorm is required.

Please Note! Due to race schedules and travel time, there is no February or March vacation for MMWA students. We ask that you do not make travel arrangements expecting your son or daughter to be excused. We rely on this time to continue with classes and move ahead so that students will be prepared to smoothly re-enter their sending school. Thank you for your cooperation.

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